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  • Mike Genious Founder and President

    I Mike that I envisioned a new way for client genie to start, organize and automate their client Genie business that gives them the confidence to get clients and make money fast doing what they love. What I know for sure is that most client genie love coaching and being of service to their clients, but despise the idea of running a business. The hundreds of necessary tasks required to run a business quickly become burdens and distractions leaving them in a place of charging low fees, hating marketing and not making money.

  • Bobby Hoffman Founder and President

    Bobby, is a consummate entrepreneur and collaborator, an agent for fun and change as well as a business coach, a speaker and a prolific writer of self-development articles. Bobby has been a corporate HR manager for a fortune 100 company as well as Cruise Director on board luxury cruise ships where she managed business teams and acted as a speaker and emcee for American and International groups. Since 2001, Bobby has been an active Business and Personal coach.

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